Friday, April 13, 2012

Got Any Grapes?

"Got any grapes?" is a catch line I got from a Youtube video our kids watched called "The Duck Song". No, this blog is not about ducks nor is it about grapes...if I could, I can talk about food too. I just love how our kids  enjoyed the video that I decided to use it as my blog title.

Although, I kind of connected the grapes to one of the lessons I had years ago from BSF study. We studied the Life of Moses then and I remember the time when the spies were sent out to a foreign land to, you guessed it right, spy on the land. After spending some time there, the spies came back and gave conflicting reports about the land. Most of them were fearful and cautioned their leaders not to proceed with their journey. However, Caleb, who was one of the spies gave a different report. He said the land is promising and he even brought back gigantic grapes that were fastened to a staff and carried on the shoulder by two men. For Caleb, that land can become a blessing to the Israelites if they tread on.

Got any grapes?... Got any blessings? Despite negative circumstances and challenging people that surround us, God will always make sure we will have small blessings in our way. So... got any grapes?

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